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A place to explore, untangle - and further tangle - the multi-layered, self-referential meta tale, page by page.

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    New page: Greetings. Page 279 here, although others call me Ian Bell. Hailing from Adelaide, South Australia, as far as I know, one of only four (?) who made...
    Added photo:
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    New page: My name is Pries Verhon, previously a member of Badger Kunt. Badger Kunt is one of many tribute bands or whatever in honour of Badger Kull 1.0. I am...
    Summary: Added "my" page in 2023 and what I am up to. It is a forced futuristic art project.
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    Summary: Added to Congo
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    New page: Add Video Add Image The Moses of The Old Testament led The Chosen People (Israelites) to the promised land (Isreal/Jerusalem). They had been...
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